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Claddagh Jewellery

Claddagh stays the embodiment of its tradition and greatest the affirmation of its allure is the actuality that it is talked about and valued so much. Picking from Dramatic Claddagh jewellery designs and complex modeled for the ideal traditional Irish heritage.

We've a vast range of authentic Claddagh jewellery, all handmade in Ireland. This lovely Claddagh jewellery represents loyalty, love and friendship, and they are exceptional jewellery for women presents and for men’s gifts.

Symbolizing unwavering love and faith, Claddagh first originated thousands of years back with the fundamental two hands holding a heart design. All of our Claddagh jewellery integrates the conventional Irish Celtic Claddagh design of hands, crown and heart in each bit. From pendants to Claddagh bracelets, we are providing different variety of jewellery that gives a contemporary touch to a traditional arrangement.

Pick from birthstone jewellery to get the ideal present for mothers or daughters, magnificent and elaborate earrings every girl will adore and much, much more. All of our designs arise in Ireland where they are crafted to precision that is not possible to surpass. Your order ships fast from Ireland and can be backed with a guarantee.

Claddagh remains the embodiment of its heritage and best the confirmation of its charm is the fact that it's talked about and appreciated so much. Choose from Striking Claddagh Jewellery designs and intricate simulated for your perfect traditional Irish heritage.